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About the eBook membership
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When you join, you will be taken to The Healthy Mummy eBook Library with all of our eBooks and you can view every single book in the Healthy Mummy library.

Each month, your membership gives you the ability to download 3 eBooks of your choice onto your device.You have access to all new books.

We will also be releasing a NEW eBook every single month and these will all form part of the eBook budget membership.

The rate is paid Quarterly. The first payment is made on the day you joined, then every third month thereafter until you cancel.

The rate is your lifetime discount rate for as long as you keep your membership and will never increase. If you wish to cancel your membership – please go directly to your Manage My Membership page where you can do this.

You cannot share the books with other people – this is strictly against copyright law and illegal to do so.

Your membership gives only you the ability to have access to all books, and the eBooks have tracking devices on to ensure anyone breaching copyright law will be contacted by our legal team.

If you lose any of your eBooks within a month period, you can request for the eBooks to be resent to you by our customer service team for a $2 admin fee per eBook sent – that must be paid prior to resending.

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