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The average quantity per serve for Vitamin C is only 80mg, some brands have nearly 1000mg. Is this product not so good?

**An average serve of the Vitamin C + Zinc Boost contains 80mg of Vitamin C, which is 200% of you RDI (Recommended Dietry Intake). To an extent anything over 100% just comes out in your urine so is essentially is a waste.**

When I try to get the Healthy Kids Jelly out of the mould, it sticks to the side. Help!

** If you want the jelly to come out of the mould easily, we recommend putting the mould into hot water for a approx. 1 minute so that the sides soften and it slips out easily. If you’re finding that the jelly is not solid enough to stand on it’s own without the mould we recommend that you reduce the water to powder r…

Is the Healthy Kids Jelly suitable for vegans and vegetarians?

**The product contains Gelatin (Beef Origin) so is not suitable for vegetarians or vegans. **

Can my children consume this product as a drink instead of jelly?

**Yes, if you prefer you can mix the powder with 200ml of water for a refreshing and delicious drink. **

Does the Healthy Kids Jelly contain gluten?

**Although the Healthy Kids Jelly does not contain gluten, it is present in the factory where the Healthy Kids Jelly is manufactured and there could be traces in the product. **

What else can I add to the Healthy Kids Jelly? Do you have any recipes?

**There are lots of alternative ways you can consume the Kids Immunity Jelly. If you’re looking for a quick alternative we recommend mixing the jelly powder with 200ml of water for a refreshing drink. You could also add bits of fruit to the jelly, tangarine segments work a treat! **

Can I consume the Vitamin C + Zinc Boost if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

**There are no ingredients in the Vitamin C + Zinc Boost that are likely to cause any concern for women who are pregnant or brestfeeding. The Upper Limit of Intake for Vitamin C for pregnant and lactating women is recommended as no more than 1000 mg per day. The ULI for zinc for pregnant & lactating women is recommend…

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