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What else can I add to the Healthy Kids Jelly? Do you have any recipes?

**There are lots of alternative ways you can consume the Kids Immunity Jelly. If you’re looking for a quick alternative we recommend mixing the jelly powder with 200ml of water for a refreshing drink. You could also add bits of fruit to the jelly, tangarine segments work a treat! **

What is The Healthy Mum's Guide to Weight Loss?

A 28 day eating plan filled with the best of the best Healthy Mummy Recipes in a beautifully presented glossy hard copy book. It includes over 100 delicious, simple recipes the entire family will love, including, expert nutritional guidelines, calorie information and easy-to-follow shopping lists. It also includes a f…

What happened to the Recipe App?

The Healthy Mummy Recipes App offered access to all 4000+ Healthy Mummy Recipes. Over time we have found that our Community prefer to have not just recipes, but also access to workout videos and tools to help them to achieve their healthy lifestyle goals. This is why we have made the decision to discontinue the Healt…

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