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I used the Revive Face Oil and came out in spots, should I stop using the product?

This should not happen. If irritation occurs, please discontinue use immediately.

Is the Coconut Coffee Body Scrub suitable for sensitive skin?

**Yes, the Coconut Coffee Body Scrub is gentle on the skin and nourishing. As always if the skin is broken, it is best to contact your dermatologist before use. **

Has the Coconut Coffee Scrub been tested on animals?

**The Healthy Mummy Skin is cruelty free and we are proud to say that none of our products are tested on animals.**

How much Coconut Coffee Body Scrub should I use for each wash?

​​​​​​​**It’s totally up to you! If you want to use it all over your body then you will need more than if you only use on a targeted area. We recommend squirting a small amount into your palm and seeing how you go! **

Can my kids use the Revive Face Oil?

The ingredients in the Revive Face Oil are not suitable for children. This is a ‘adults only’ product.

Can I use the Revive Face Oil when breastfeeding or pregnant?

You can use the Revive Face Oil whilst Breastfeeding. As always we recommend that if you’re pregnant you consult with your GP prior to use

What creates the shimmer in the Body Scrub?

The shimmer is created by Mica, a naturally occurring mineral dust, which is sourced from Australia.

Are the ingredients in the Green Clay Mask organic?

The ingredients in the Green Clay Mask are naturally derived but not organic.

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