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Is the 45+ Smoothie vegan?

Yes, when made up per the directions with soy (or other milk alternative).

Does the 45+ Smoothie contain any caffeine?

Yes. Green tea has naturally occurring caffeine. The amount of caffeine equates to approximately 20mg per serve. To put this into perspective, the caffeine content of: i. Black tea is 50mg per 250mL cup ii. An espresso is 145mg per 50mL cup

Is the 45+ Smoothie gluten free?

45+ Smoothie does not contain ingredients in which gluten has been added, however, it does contain ingredients which have been processed on shared machinery and could contain traces of gluten, egg, crustaceans, fish, milk, tree nuts, sesame and lupin.

Is the 45+ Smoothie dairy free?

45+ Smoothie is based on soy protein isolate. Depending on the serving suggestion you follow, 45+ Smoothie can be made dairy free by using soy (or other milk alternative).

Is the 45+ Smoothie FODMAP friendly?

45+ contains a small amount of inulin which is a high FODMAP food and psyllium husk which some people find may cause irritation in the gut. It is recommended 45+ Smoothie is avoided during the elimination phase of the FODMAP diet. The use of 45+ however, could be discussed with a healthcare practitioner for use durin…

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