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My friend used my unique link to make a purchase but it hasn't worked

If your link hasn't worked, please ensure the following has taken place before contacting our customer service team: 1. Check that the item purchased DID NOT include a Challenge and/or any digital product or subscription. 2. Check that it has been at least 2 business days 3. Check your advocate dashboard to en…

What are the reward restrictions?

The reward that both you and your friend can use are for any physical item in our online store which includes smoothies, activewear, packs, hard cover packs, kids items and supplements. Unfortunately the voucher does not include digital subscription items such as the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge, or any smoothie (or o…

How can I use my reward coupon?

You may use your reward coupon against any physical shop product that is not on sale. The coupon may not be used for the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge, or other subscription products. Please note there is a minimum spend of $50 to be able to use the coupon.

How long until I get my reward?

If you've referred a friend with your unique link and/or code and they have made a purchase, the system is set up so that we wait at least one business day before releasing the reward. This is done to help avoid any fake purchases in the system. Once the reward has been approved, you will receive a notification of you…

Refer-a-Friend Reward Program

You can sign up to become a Healthy Mummy advocate through our new Refer-a- Friend Reward Program. ## How it works You [sign up to the program][1], and you will receive your own unique URL which can you share with your friends. When your friends click on this link, they will be shown a coupon code that gives them a…

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