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Can my kids use the Revive Face Oil?

The ingredients in the Revive Face Oil are not suitable for children. This is a ‘adults only’ product.

Is the Vitamin C jelly safe for children under 3 years old?

Yes, the vitamins used to fortify the Nutrition Boost Jelly are below the Upper Level of Intake (UL) for children under 3 years. To reach above the UL for some of the vitamins in the Jelly, a child between 1-3 years of age would have to consume 5 full serves of the jelly in one day. Therefore, a child under 3 years of…

Can children consume the Tummy Smoothie?

The Tummy Smoothie is designed for adults and all information provided is for adults, this is not suitable for children. We do have a great selection of Kids Smoothies formulated specifically for the needs of children.

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