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How is the Premium Smoothie priced?

**The Premium smoothie RRP is $69.99 (but please check our site for sale specials).** **The Premium Smoothie contains the highest grade of whey protein and pro-biotics which are very costly ingredients. We are also having high quality vitamins, minerals and flavoring for an intense flavour and super creamy taste and …

Is the Collagen in the Premium smoothies Bovine or Marine?

The collagen in the Premium Smoothies is Bovine collagen. This is not present in the Double Choc & Espresso Premium Smoothies.

Is the Whey Protein in the Premium Smoothies from Grass Fed Cows?

**Yes, the Whey Protein in the Premium Smoothies is from Grass Fed Cows. Occasionally the cows are fed other components (for example in times of frost or drought) but it is mostly grass.**

Do the probiotics in the Premium Smoothie replace my daily probiotic supplement?

There are lots of different strains of probiotics that are used as supplements and differing levels of strengths. Each 30g serve of of the Premium smoothie delivers 2.55B CFU.

Where are the ingredients from in the Premium Smoothie?

We source our ingredients locally wherever possible but we also have to source ingredients from overseas when local and domestic ingredients are not available. The whey protein comes from New Zealand.

Do the Premium Smoothies contain any sugar?

**The Premium Smoothies do not contain any added sugar, however the sugars are shown on the Nutritional Information Panel and there are naturally occurring sugars in some of the ingredients in the smoothies. **

Do the Premium Smoothies contain caffeine?

**The Coffee Flavour has actual coffee in it which provides a small amount of caffeine making it perfect to start your day. A small amount of naturally occuring caffeine may be present in the chocolate in the Double Chocolate flavour. **

Can my children consume the Premium Smoothies?

**No. The Premium Smoothies have been formulated specifically as meal replacements, with the Adult Recommended Daily Intakes (RDI) in mind. The RDI's for children are mostly different compared to adults, and in some instances, the Premium Smoothies may exceed some of these nutrient levels in the context of a child's o…

Are the Premium Smoothies suitable for vegans / vegetarians?

**The Espresso Premium Smoothie is suitable for vegetarians but they are not suitable for vegans as it contains Whey Protein and Vitamin D3. ** **Our other Premium flavours are not suitable for vegetarians or vegans as they contain Collagen from Bovine sources** **For a fully vegan option, please check out our Plant…

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