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Will I receive my Smashing Goals eBook?

Yes, you will receive their 'Smashing Goals' eBook when you have joined your Supercoach on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge. The eBook will be on your order confirmation email.

Will I get one on one coaching from my Supercoach?

Your supercoach will share tips and experiences to motivate you to get the best possible results on your weight loss and health journey. Having been on their own journey they are an incredible source of inspiration. You can join their private support groups on facebook and follow them on Instagram. They will provide l…

Are there workout videos in the app with the supercoaches?

Yes, the supercoaches all train in the app alongside our trained fitness professional, Wendy.

Are the Supercoaches qualified fitness trainers or nutritionists/dieticians?

No, the supercoaches are not qualified fitness professionals, dieticians or nutritionists. They are mums who have achieved incredible results and are here to support, motivate and coach you to achieve your own objectives.

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