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Are Energise Smoothie Boosters suitable for pregnant women?

We don't recommend the Energise Smoothie Booster for consumption by pregnant women. The Australian Government Guidelines for Healthy Eating during pregnancy recommend that you choose a wide variety of vegetables, fruits, grains and proteins

Is the collagen booster gluten free?

The collagen booster does not contain any gluten however it is produced in a facility that handles gluten products therefore we do not claim that this is a gluten-free product.

Can I use the Collagen Smoothie Booster with other Healthy Mummy products?

Yes, you can use the collagen smoothie booster with any of our smoothies. You can also add the collagen powder to your daily super greens.

Are there any allergens in the Collagen Smoothie Booster?

Yes, the collagen smoothie booster contains soy which is an allergen for some people. The product is also produced in a facility that handles gluten, dairy, tree nuts and other potential allergens however the product does not specifically contain those ingredients.

Is the Collagen Smoothie booster vegan or vegetarian?

No, the collagen smoothie booster is not suitable for vegetarians or vegans.

Where is the Collagen in the Smoothie Booster sourced from?

The collagen in the smoothie booster is a bovine sourced collagen. If you would prefer a marine sourced collagen we recommend our berry flavoured collagen which you can find [here][1]. [1]:

Is the Collagen Smoothie Booster safe for Pregnant and breast feeding mums?

There is insufficient information available regarding the use of some of the ingredients in this smoothie booster such as Camu Camu and Guava and Bamboo extracts during pregnancy and lactation and therefore we would recommend you avoid using this product during this period of your life.

How many times can I have the Collagen Smoothie Booster?

You can take the collagen smoothie booster up to 3 times per day if you wish. The smoothie booster has been designed to add to a smoothie (and we don't recommend you substitute more than two meals a day with a smoothie) so feel free to add the collagen boost to 1 or 2 smoothies per day and if you want to take another …

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