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Trouble logging in to the NEW Healthy Mummy App
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We are sorry to hear you are having trouble logging in to the new Healthy Mummy App. Here are some troubleshooting tips which should resolve the issue. 

1. You can use your existing login details to access the new Healthy Mummy App. No changes required, just enter the same username/email address & password you always have in the past. If you can't remember your password, simply click Forgot Password on the login screen, and we will guide you to choosing a new password.

2. For some of our Mums the new app is defaulting to an alternative country. Please make sure you have AU selected if you are in Australia/New Zealand, and UK selected if you are in the UK. 


3. Please log out, force close the app, and re-open and try logging in again. This step resolves 80% of login issues. 

If problems still persist please let us know via the in-app live chat or raising with our customer service team who are very happy to help by clicking here


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