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folder-icon Am I charged extra to pay with the Healthy Mummy payment option? folder-icon Can I cancel my Healthy Mummy payment plan? folder-icon Can I cancel my subscription at any time throughout the Challenge? folder-icon Can I change the flavour of the smoothie in the Lifetime Challenge bundle? folder-icon Can I do the Challenge if I'm breastfeeding? folder-icon Can I get a refund on the Lifetime Challenge subscription? folder-icon Can I print out my meal plans and recipes? folder-icon Can I take part on the Challenge if I'm pregnant? folder-icon Can I use the Healthy Mummy Smoothies on the Challenge? folder-icon Do I need to calorie count? folder-icon Do you offer vegetarian plans? folder-icon Find the right plan for me folder-icon How do I get started? folder-icon How do I login to the Challenge? folder-icon How long do meals take to cook? folder-icon How many does each meal serve? folder-icon How much does the Challenge cost? folder-icon How much weight can I expect to lose? folder-icon If I join at the discounted rate, will this rate go up at a later date? folder-icon If my payment fails on the Payment Plan, when will you reattempt payment? folder-icon I have an old subscription and I want to switch to the one you have now but I can't see it on my account folder-icon I'm in a different country. Can I still do the Challenge? folder-icon Is the 28 Day Plan Book the same as the 28 Day Challenge? folder-icon Is there a minimum period I have to stay on for? folder-icon Is there a private group to talk to other mums on the Challenge? folder-icon What are the Terms and Conditions for the Healthy Mummy payment plan? folder-icon What is involved on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge? folder-icon What is The Healthy Mummy payment plan? folder-icon When are meal plans released? folder-icon When does my subscription payment come out? folder-icon When does the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge start? folder-icon When does the Challenge start? folder-icon When will the products in the bundle of the Lifetime Challenge membership be sent? folder-icon Where can I purchase the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge app? folder-icon Where is my Challenge login and password? folder-icon Who creates the meal & exercise plans? folder-icon Why can I not use Afterpay on the Lifetime Challenge subscription? folder-icon Why is there a renewal date on my Lifetime Challenge Membership? I thought this was for life! folder-icon Will the Lifetime Challenge membership ever expire?
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