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How do I get started?
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Great, so you have decided to take part in the 28 Day Challenge, the ONLY online and nutrition program designed for MUMS. 


The 28 Day Challenge gives you daily exercises, daily work outs and daily motivations to help fit into a Mums busy life.

All our programs are designed by fitness experts and leading nutritionists and the best bit... it is easily accessible from anywhere!


The first step is to download The Healthy Mummy App. 

You can download from the Apple Store by clicking here.

You can download for Android from the Google Play Store by clicking here


Then you might want to look at our helpful Starter Guide. Click here to see the Starter Guide


When you first log in to the Healthy Mummy App you will be guided through a set of questions to set up your profile and your needs for the 28 Day Challenge.

Once you are ready to start using the App, take a look around to get yourself used to the different menu options and the home page. 


There is a Support tab in The Healthy Mummy App, which has tutorial videos, a link to the Facebook Support Group, and you can Relaunch the Onboarding Guide at any time. 

To access the Support tab from within the App, tap on the profile picture in the top left corner.


Here is a very helpful article with 8 ways to prepare yourself for starting the Healthy Mummy 28 Day Challenge. 

And here are your Top 10 questions answered. 

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