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How does the eBook library for HM customers work?

The HM Customer just needs to log into her account with her username and then in the pink top bar menu go to EBOOK LIBRARY.

Can I pause my eBook subscription?

No, eBook subscriptions cannot be paused.

I didn't download my eBooks last month, can you please reinstate my tokens

We are unable to reinstate unused tokens each month however rest assured your account will be credited with 3 tokens each month so you can download 3 new eBooks.

How many eBooks per month do I get in a subscription

With a subscription you are entitled to 3 eBooks per month. You will be able to access these by logging into your Account and navigating to eBooks.

Can I download all the eBooks?

Each month, your membership gives you the ability to download three eBooks of your choosing onto your device. However, you will still be able to view ALL our eBooks within the Healthy Mummy library. The three downloads a month don’t accumulate from month to month. As a consequence, if don’t use them, the credits will …

eBook not downloading

If your eBook is not downloading, please firstly ensure that your browser is up to date, you can find out here: If it still isn't working would you please follow these steps: Clear all your cookies and caches on your web browser and try again. If that doesn't work, please try a different we…

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